Support Groups - New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is an effective tool for losing weight. However, in order to sustain the weight loss, you have to commit to major life changes, specifically with diet and exercise.

Changes like these don’t come easy to many people. It is for this reason why Dr. K. Robert Williams of New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville highly recommends our patients to join a bariatric support group.

Studies have shown that regular attendance to a support group increases one’s success in both short and long-term weight loss goals.

Here are some of the ways a support group can benefit you:

You will gain information.
This is one of the wonderful benefits of joining a support group. You will learn a lot from patients who have been there and done that. When you know what to expect in every phase of your journey, it can help alleviate your anxiety and worries.

From time to time, we also invite professionals to talk about certain topics that are important in your journey. It can be about nutrition, exercise, or roadblocks in changing your old habits.

It will help you stay accountable.
Like any weight loss journey, life after bariatric surgery has its ups and downs. There will be days when you feel so motivated to follow your dietary recommendations and exercise plans and there are also those days when you feel like you’re failing at it.

These things can happen and the people in a support group can help you go through each phase. They can offer support, tips to stay on track, and what to do when you fall off the wagon.

It offers emotional support.
It’s not easy to go through a major life change, especially one that has an impact on almost every aspect of your life. Even if you have supportive family and friends, having people who know exactly what you’re going through helps a lot.

The support group isn’t just about exchanging information or experiences. It also offers emotional support to help you go through the rough phases. And by sharing what you’ve learned and learning, you are also helping others.

The New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery has monthly in-person support groups. If you don’t feel comfortable showing up in-person, you can also join our online support group. If you have any questions about Support Groups or the bariatric journey, please call our team at (865) 694-9676.

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