Online Bariatric Surgery Seminar

The decision to pursue bariatric surgery is a personal decision that is not taken lightly. Many patients will spend more than a year researching and evaluating whether bariatric surgery is right for them. However, once someone decides to proceed, they are often confused and intimidated by the process.

At New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville, TN, we do our best to provide our patients with the resources they need to determine if they qualify for bariatric surgery, and which surgical option is best for them.

Learning About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a commitment, and it involves many risks and benefits. It is crucial that patients have a clear understanding of this before pursuing bariatric surgery. That is why, at New Life, we require our patients to attend or view a free weight loss seminar as the first step in their weight loss journey.

At New Life, our online bariatric seminar can be viewed and completed from the comfort of your home. Once you have registered for the online seminar and logged in, you will watch a 25-minute video and complete a quiz.

Our bariatric seminar is a good way to find out what you can expect from bariatric surgery. You may also learn:

  • The commitment it takes to have a successful surgery
  • Who is a candidate for bariatric surgery
  • The different types of bariatric surgery
  • What life is like after surgery

What’s Next?

After completing the online seminar, you will contact the New Life office to confirm that we have received your registration information. Then, you will speak with our Patient Advocate who will verify your insurance coverage and benefits. Finally, you will be able to schedule a surgical consultation with Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. K. Robert Williams.

To determine if you are a candidate for surgery, you will undergo a routine psychological screening, and you may have blood work and tests done. Additionally, Dr. Williams will discuss your surgical options and curate a plan with our multidisciplinary team that include everything necessary for insurance approval and a safe and successful surgical experience.

Get Started Today

If you are considering bariatric surgery, we invite you to learn more about our program at New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. Bariatric surgery can lead to a new and healthier you. Take your first step today at