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If you’ve been struggling to lose weight through diet and exercise, you may have read about surgical procedures to lose weight. These weight loss procedures, although not for everyone, are proven to be an effective means to lose those excess pounds and consequently, resolve some of the obesity-related health problems. 

Gastric bypass is an example of a weight loss surgery offered by Dr. K. Robert Williams of New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville.

What is a gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric surgery that involves the creation of a small pouch from the stomach and connecting it to the small intestine. It’s one of the most commonly performed weight loss procedures in the United States.

As the surgery makes changes in your stomach and small intestine, a gastric bypass aids in weight loss by restricting the amount of food your stomach can hold, limiting the number of calories and nutrients your body absorbs, and creating changes in your gut hormones, making you feel full longer.

What are the benefits and risks of a gastric bypass?

Generally, gastric bypass surgery results in successful weight loss. Most patients are able to sustain their weight loss even after years of the surgery.

Gastric bypass, like other weight loss procedures, can also help improve obesity-related health issues.

As with other major surgeries, gastric bypass can also pose potential risks. This includes infection, excessive bleeding, blood clots, breathing problems, and leaks in the gastrointestinal system.

Who is it for?

Gastric bypass surgery is not for everyone. You could qualify for it if:

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher.
  • Your BMI is 35 to 39.9 and you have a weight-related health problem such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. 

What can you expect after gastric bypass surgery?

For the first month, you’ll only be able to tolerate small amounts of soft foods and liquids. You will eventually be re-introducing solid food into your diet. 

The procedure will make you feel full easily even with just a small amount of food. To prevent nutritional deficiencies, it’s very important to follow your dietitian’s recommendations. 

At New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery, we have a well-experienced bariatric team that includes a certified bariatric nurse, registered dietician and clinical exercise physiologist who will walk you through the process – before, during, and after the surgery.

Your very first step is to complete our FREE informational seminar that will help you understand better what bariatric surgery is, the different procedures and what it entails. Viewing or attending this session will guide you in making a more informed choice.

You can attend this seminar in-person or online. 

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