Meet Allix!

Allix Reeder, PA-C is the newest member of the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery team. She’s worked with the Premier Surgical at Parkwest Medical office since 2017 and is now caring for bariatric patients.

We interviewed Allix to get to know more about her role at New Life Bariatric.

What is your role as a Physician Assistant (PA) in New Life?
“My role is to walk with patients through their bariatric surgery journey. I see them in the office for pre-op visits, help them determine what type of surgery is best for them in their situation, assist in all surgeries. I follow patients during their hospital stay, and afterwards for post operative visits. I also do in-office procedures such as band adjustments and excision of lipomas and cysts.”

You’re not completely new to New Life Bariatrics. You’ve been with Premier Surgical for several years. Explain how working with General Surgery patients has influenced your work with Bariatric patients.
“Since starting with Premier Surgical in 2017, my main focus has been surgery and in-office procedures. While I love surgery, I did miss the patient interaction. I transitioned to New Life fully in May of this year and have really enjoyed watching the bigger picture unfold and seeing patients from start to finish. I still get to do the surgeries and procedures I love, but knowing the patients makes it more personal and invites everyone to be more invested in the process.”

What drew you to Bariatric Surgery?
“Initially it was the team that attracted me to New Life. Dr. Williams and the staff are very caring and welcoming. We all have the same goal of best serving every patient we meet. The team helps each other out and works well together. After taking on the clinical side of bariatrics, I have really enjoyed the patient population. They are typically motivated, and buy into our program with a desire to succeed.”

What do you enjoy most about working with weight loss surgery patients?
“It truly is a life changing surgery. We see patients with extensive medication lists for hypertension, diabetes and other comorbidities. After surgery we watch them come off of some of these medications they have been on for 30+ years. They have the energy and ability to play with their children, exercise, and do things they love that they haven’t been able to for a long time. Everyone has a story and it is a gift to come alongside them in their journey and help achieve their goals.”

What do you do when you’re not in the office or at the hospital? Hobbies? Volunteer work?
“My favorite hobbies involve the outdoors. I love to bike, garden, hike and camp. I enjoy cooking with my husband and walking with our dogs. I attend Fellowship church and lead a group of senior high school girls who keep me on my toes. I also usher and help with the medical response team. I love hosting game nights with friends and traveling.”

Is there anything special you’d like your New Life patients to know about you?
“My goal is to provide each patient with the information they need to make the best surgical decision for themselves. Again, each patient is different and surgery isn’t the best option for everyone. Regardless, I hope each patient knows my heart and my excitement to see them succeed. I’m in their corner rooting for them each step of the way!”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?
“If bariatric surgery is something you’ve never thought of or even considered, but put it off, I’d encourage you to at least go through the seminar or attend a support group. They are free and you can get a lot of information about New Life Bariatric Surgery Center, the surgeries we offer, and get support from others who have gone before you and can testify to the way this program changed their life.”

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, the first step is to attend New Life’s FREE info session in-person or online. To register, please visit our Info Sessions page at this link.

If you have questions about attending the seminar, call the New Life team at (865) 694-9676.