Online Seminar - Weight Loss - New Life - Knoxville, TN

When you make the decision to undergo weight loss surgery, you commit yourself to long-term lifestyle changes. This is why at New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville we want to make sure that you are making a well-informed choice to undergo bariatric surgery.

New Life Center Information Seminar

We require our patients to view or attend a free information session. This will be your first step in your bariatric journey.

The purpose of these sessions is to make sure that you have all the right information to make an educated decision.

There is no cost or obligation upon completion of the seminar. We just want to make sure that you know what the surgery involves – before, during, and after it.

Attend Online

Our info Weight Loss Surgery seminar is available in-person or online.

The online session is great if you want to view it at your convenience. It’s a 35-minute video featuring our Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Robert Williams that includes details about each of our surgical options and a quiz at the end. To watch it, simply complete our registration form and log in using Chrome.

Once you complete the seminar, please call our office at (865) 694-9676 to confirm your registration info.

Bariatric surgery can change your life dramatically. But before you make that choice, we want to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. We want you to be prepared for life after it. Being well-prepared and informed can make this journey a whole lot easier for you. 

New LIfe Center for Bariatric Surgery is part of Premier Surgical Bariatrics. New Life is associated with the Parkwest Center for Bariatric Surgery, Parkwest Medical Center is a member of Covenant Health and Covenant Bariatric Services in Knoxville, TN.