The New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville has a bariatric team that will take care of your needs before, during, and after surgery. 

Karen Hinkle is part of our team. As our patient advocate, she helps our patients get started with our program and the pathway to surgery. She also helps patients understand and meet the requirements for insurance coverage. She’s an essential member of our team, working diligently to minimize the waiting time between your first visit and your surgery. 

Let’s get to know her more.

What is your role as New Life’s Patient Advocate?

“I am the patients’ first point of contact when they’re considering bariatric surgery. As the first step in the process, I direct patients to our free informational seminar, which is available both in-person and online. This seminar will provide patients with more information on what bariatric surgery is all about and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. The next step after completing a seminar is to come into our office for a one on one consultation with Dr. Robert Williams to discuss the procedure of choice in further detail.”

What are your tips for patients thinking of bariatric surgery?

“It is very important for patients to check if their insurance will cover bariatric procedures and services before coming in for their initial consultation This will help patients avoid disappointments and unforeseen charges. This can be done by calling the number on the back of their insurance card.

Attending or watching our informational seminar is also a must, as it provides detailed information about what bariatric surgery entails, and also helps patients learn more about the different options we have to offer. This will definitely help patients make a more informed decision.”

The New Life Center Info Sessions

Weight loss surgery is a big commitment. If you’ve been considering it to help you lose weight and improve your health long term, your very first step is to attend or view our free information session. There is no cost of obligation upon your completion.

You can attend our info session in-person or online.

If you can make it in-person, you’ll be able to meet our bariatric surgeon Dr. Robert Williams, members of our team and hear from our previous patients. 

If the live session is not an option, you can join our online seminar using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. Once you complete the seminar, kindly call our office at (865) 694-9676 to confirm that we have received your registration information.

Click the link to register for an upcoming In-Person Seminar:

Watch the Online Seminar here:

Questions, don’t hesitate to call the New Life office at (865) 694-9676.

New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery is part of Premier Surgical Bariatrics. New Life is associated with the Parkwest Center for Bariatric Surgery, a member of Covenant Health.