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One week post-op down!

Ok, so the first week is over and I’m moving into week two. I have learned a lot in one week and am learning more everyday. The first thing I learned is protein intake, while vital and was so easy prior to surgery, becomes equal to moving a mountain after surgery. I had very preconceived […]

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I made it!

By Kelley Narramore, LPN This is my first blog since my surgery, so it may be a little lengthy. Sorry, but it’s been a long and very busy week. My surgery was scheduled at 2pm on Monday the thirteenth. I arrived and was quickly escorted back to a small pre op holding area.  All of […]

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Are You Scared?

By Kelley Narramore, LPN Are you scared or nervous? This is the question I have been asked over and over again and I can honestly say the surgery itself does not scare me at all. The only thing I am scared of is failing. If I fail at this I feel like I have no […]

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Knoxville Bariatric Surgeons Touch on the Increasing Efficacy of Weight Loss Surgery

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Drs. Stephen G. Boyce and K. Robert Williams compare weight loss results witnessed at their Knoxville practice to a study reporting a steady improvement in the effectiveness of bariatric surgery. Knoxville, TN – According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), research data has shown a consistent improvement in […]

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Two Weeks and Counting!

So this week has been all about getting ready and the final preparations before surgery. I went to the lab on Monday and had my pre-op labs drawn. I had an excellent phlebotomist’s who was super nice and friendly. On Wednesday I went and joined Costco, primarily because they sell Premier protein and G2 a […]

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