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Does My Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?


At New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery, we understand financing your weight loss and body contouring procedures is a significant component of your decision making process. For many of our patients, these procedures are considered medically necessary and lifesaving. Under these circumstances, many insurance companies will actually provide coverage for your surgery. If you think you may qualify for coverage under your insurance plan, the first step in determining your candidacy is to call the phone number on the back of your insurance card. The associates from your individual insurance company will be able to detail which weight loss surgeries they cover and how to determine if your unique case qualifies for coverage.

We believe that insurance coverage of bariatric procedures have greatly improved patient care in our country. Since more patients are able to afford care with this coverage, bariatric patients are living longer, more functional lives with substantially lower medical costs, including lower pharmaceutical expenses, less days missed from work, a minimized risk of circumstances that would require an ER visit, fewer hospitalizations, less workman’s comp claims, a reduced number of overall physician visits, etc. All of these benefits provide bariatric patients with a higher quality of life, and insurance coverage can help allow patients to fully enjoy these benefits.


For more information about bariatric surgery and insurance coverage, please contact us today.

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