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Understanding there is no “quick fix” to weight loss


The Easy Way Out?

We’ve all heard people refer to bariatric surgery as “the easy way out”. When my husband had his surgery several years ago, hearing this comment would make me so angry. Since then I have had bariatric surgery myself and now I just kind of laugh when I hear it. Unfortunately, when people make this comment, they are terribly misinformed.

If you have ever walked along beside someone in the process of having surgery or had surgery yourself, you too realize how this statement is incredibly false. I watched my husband struggle several times right after his surgery and thought, where is the easy part? I myself have struggled and thought what part of this is easy? All of that being said, would both of us do it over again? In a heart beat! My husband is three years out from surgery and he ran his first half marathon a couple of months ago. I am more active and feel better than I ever did in my twenty’s and even thirty’s.

The thing that I deal with everyday is my brain. I realize that I have an addict’s brain. I am and have been addicted to food all of my life. I used food in the past to attempt to make me feel better. When I chose to have bariatric surgery I knew I would have to change my brain. It is something I have to work on everyday. I chose to no longer use food as a coping mechanism because in the end it always made me feel worse about myself.

If you are in the process of seeking surgery or know someone that has had surgery, encourage them. In my opinion there is no easy way out when it comes to weight loss. Surgery is an awesome tool and is very successful in helping patients reach their goals, but patients have to put forth consistent effort in order to be successful.

by Kelley Narramore

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