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Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For Me?

bariatric-surgery-TNAs I detailed in my previous blog post, an article published by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) reports that the effectiveness of weight loss surgery has continued to improve over the years. However, as with any major surgery, complications do still arise. For bariatric surgery in general, the ASMBS article notes complications tend to range from 10 to 17 percent – though this risk is comparable to any other major abdominal operation. Complications can and will occur, but as long as they are caught early, most patients still have excellent outcomes.

The study cited in the ASMBS article concludes that gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy resulted in the greatest weight loss, but also had higher rates of complications compared to adjustable gastric banding. To help my patients decide which procedure is ideal for their unique circumstance, I sit down for a one-on-one consultation with each patient to evaluate comorbid conditions and to learn what his or her personal goals are for weight loss surgery. Using this information, we will come to a decision together based on which operation might best help them achieve their health and lifestyle goals. As a result, our complication rates for primary bariatric operations at the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery are well below the national benchmark.

The most important thing to understand about bariatric and metabolic surgery is that these procedures are not a quick fix – they are a tool. In order to get the best results from a tool, you have to use it as it was designed to be used. A truly successful weight loss operation requires that patients are actively dedicated to a lifestyle change, including proper nutrition as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation. Then you will be able to enjoy your new, healthier life.

Bariatric Surgeon Stephen G. Boyce, MD

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