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A Bariatric Nurse’s Journey to Weight Loss

My Journey …          By: Sarah I Grimes, RN, CBN To say this is the beginning of my journey is really not correct, my journey to surgery started YEARS ago. I was small, many would say tiny until I hit puberty, and then I ballooned. I remember being self conscience, worried about what size I wore, […]

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Verifying your Insurance Coverage for Bariatric Surgery

             Verifying your Insurance coverage for Bariatric Surgery What are some ways that you can help yourself get authorization for weight loss surgery? So that you are as informed as possible before you come for your first consultation with the bariatric surgeon, contact your insurance and make sure you have coverage for weight loss surgery. How […]

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Do you have your ‘Golden Ticket’?

What is your Golden Ticket? It is the brightly colored gold/yellow piece of paper that Surgical Weight Loss patients receive when they check out after their consultation with the doctor; each patient receives one on this day. We call this the Golden Ticket because our office has marked what you need to do before we […]

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Knoxville Bariatric Surgeons Offer Various Ways To Finance Weight Loss Surgery

Drs. Stephen Boyce and K. Robert Williams advocate patient education in regard to insurance eligibility while also helping patients without insurance find a solution to fit their budget. Knoxville, TN – Financing weight loss procedures is one of the most common concerns raised by the bariatric surgery patients of Dr. Stephen Boyce and Dr. K. […]

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Obtaining Insurance Approval for Bariatric Surgery

The process of gaining insurance approval for bariatric surgery can take anywhere from one month up to eight months.  Each insurance company has its own medical necessity criteria a patient must meet in order to be approved to have surgery. If the insurance is a commercial insurance, meaning the patient has the policy through their […]

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