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Surgical Aftercare Program

The New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery is proud to offer its surgical aftercare program to post-operative patients who had their surgery elsewhere. As mentioned in our OUTCOMES section, the New Life Center’s patients have better weight loss than others because of the expertise of our Multidisciplinary staff and our carefully designed education and after care.

Due to the exceptional aftercare program the New Life Center’s patients enjoy better long term weight loss than other centers. With over five years of data in our database, our Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients’ weight loss is 15% higher and our Adjustable Gastric Band patients’ weight loss is 28% better than data reported in the literature!. We are very proud of our patients! Gastric Bypass patients with a BMI of 40-50 have an average long term excess weight loss of 77% and Banding patients have an average long term excess weight loss of 49%.

The table below shows the rate of resolution of serious co-morbid conditions for the New Life Center’s patients!

Co-Morbid Disease Resolution Rate
Adult Onset Diabetes 97.5%
Hypertension 74.5%
Obstructive Sleep Apnea 73.7%
Hypercholesterolemia 65.5%
Gastroesophageal Reflux 71.1%

Patients will first be evaluated by the surgeon to ensure that there are no anatomical problems with the previous surgery that may be preventing the patient’s success. If needed, the patient may benefit from a metabolic evaluation at the initial consultation. If there is a problem with your original operation, the New Life Center surgeons are equipped to perform necessary revision, corrective or conversion surgery as indicated by your particular set of circumstances.

After this evaluation, if your anatomy is intact, you may then enroll in the Surgical After Care Program. The Surgical After Care Program includes:

Nutrition Post-Op Follow-up

Following surgery, our dietitian is available daily via phone and email for questions and counseling for ongoing issues. She evaluates each patient’s individual dietary habits and nutritional needs. In addition, she offers nutrition education to help patients develop healthy eating habits and achieve his or her weight loss goals. Each patient’s vitamin supplementation, protein intake, and fluid intake will be addressed at each visit to prevent malnutrition.

Exercise Post-Op Follow-Up

Your formal exercise program will begin one month post-op.  You will be provided an exercise handout at the visit with the Exercise Physiologist and a specific plan will be created for you taking into account any physical limitations you may have.  Patients meet with the Exercise Physiologist at one month, seven months and 12 months post-operatively.  During these visits you will be needing to increase the frequency, duration and intensity of your regular routines.   Making regular moderate exercise part of your life is crucial to your long term success.

Medical Post-Op Follow Up

Our dedicated Nurse Practitioner will follow you after surgery to address your medical needs.  She will do so in concert with your Primary Care Physician and any Medical Specialist you may have.  Primary emphasis is placed on coordinating transition care of diabetes, hypertension and evaluating for possible surgical complications.  Any Surgical issues will be treated by your New Life Bariatric Surgeon.

Vitamin Supplementation Needs

Vitamin supplementation is very important after weight loss surgery. Gastric banding patients require less vitamin supplementation because there is no alteration of their gastrointestinal tract. Gastric bypass patients require supplementation of vitamins and minerals, but require more supplementation than banding patients because the gastric bypass is malabsorptive and restrictive. Vitamin supplementation with extra fat soluble vitamins (ADE&K) is required for Duodenal Switch patients. Patients undergoing a Sleeve Gastrectomy need supplementation with additional B12 because the surgical procedure eliminates the Intrinsic Factor, which is needed for B12 absorption. Our dietitian will work with you to establish an appropriate routine based on the surgery performed.

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