Patients Gallery


Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Date: May 2018
Weight Loss: 115 lbs.
Before Surgery: Billy had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, knee pain, and was a border-line diabetic. Exercise was very difficult and tiring.
After Surgery: Billy now walks 4-5 miles per day and can bench press his own body weight. He is taking less blood pressure medication and has thrown away his C-Pap machine.
Billy’s Tips: “Don’t be scared! The health benefits of surgery are incredible. It’s life changing! I was surprised at how fast the weight came off. Before, I wore size 44 pants, now I wear a size 30! I highly recommend it!”


Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Date: July 2016
Weight Loss: 186 lbs.
Before Surgery: Debbie couldn’t ride roller coasters, mow the yard, or get up from the floor without help.
After Surgery: She works out twice a day and is preparing to run her first 5K.
Debbie’s Tips: “Don’t step away from the program. Follow every direction they give you exactly, and you will be successful! Also, make sure you follow the recommendation not to drink before or during a meal.”

Jane Anne

Gastric Bypass
Surgery Date: June 2008
Weight Loss: 114 lbs.
Before Surgery: Jane Anne had diabetes and was insulin dependent. She also had trouble moving and walking. Being able to fit into airplane seats was problematic and embarrassing for Jane Anne.
After Surgery: Jane Anne immediately came off her diabetes medication after surgery. She now gardens, bikes, and can wear a two-piece bathing suit.
Jane Anne’s Tips: “It’s crazy how much socializing revolves around food. I had to rethink how I eat and socialize. The surgery is life-changing. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”


Duodenal Switch
Surgery Date: January 2018
Weight Loss: 200 lbs.
Before Surgery: John had high blood pressure, joint pain, back pain, knee pain, and trouble walking. He had no energy to play with his young children.
After Surgery: Billy is off his medication and now walks and exercises regularly. He loves having more energy and being able to play with his kids without getting tired.
John’s Tips: “Once you get over the fear of having surgery, it will change your life. It’s been a 180 for me. I can do everything now. It’s changed my life!”


Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Date: July 2016
Weight Loss: 206 lbs.
Before Surgery: Melissa had chronic pain, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. She hated not being able to give her little daughter a bath.
After Surgery: She is very active now, constantly walking or hiking. Melissa can now ride any ride at Dollywood comfortably!
Melissa’s Tips: “Don’t wait! Don’t second guess yourself about having bariatric surgery. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make!”