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Verifying your Insurance Coverage for Bariatric Surgery

             Verifying your Insurance coverage for Bariatric Surgery What are some ways that you can help yourself get authorization for weight loss surgery? So that you are as informed as possible before you come for your first consultation with the bariatric surgeon, contact your insurance and make sure you have coverage for weight loss surgery. How […]

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Do you have your ‘Golden Ticket’?

What is your Golden Ticket? It is the brightly colored gold/yellow piece of paper that Surgical Weight Loss patients receive when they check out after their consultation with the doctor; each patient receives one on this day. We call this the Golden Ticket because our office has marked what you need to do before we […]

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The First Month is Done! (Chocolate Addiction Conquered!)

By Kelley Narramore, LPN Can you believe it’s been a month already? For me it seems like it has flown by – I have learned so many things. A lot of those things are things that you can’t learn from a book. I have a whole new understanding of what our patients go through everyday […]

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Are You Scared?

By Kelley Narramore, LPN Are you scared or nervous? This is the question I have been asked over and over again and I can honestly say the surgery itself does not scare me at all. The only thing I am scared of is failing. If I fail at this I feel like I have no […]

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My Road to Obesity and Back!

This has been a very long road and one I have fought very hard over the years to overcome but sometimes the struggle becomes more than you can do on your own. I have been overweight since my college years. Since then my weight has been up and down. A lot of ups and a […]

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