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Weight Loss Surgery Patient Knoxville

I was in the bariatric unit this week and I cannot say enough about the care that was given me. My nurses, Ariel, April, Monique, Sarah, andespecially Susan were unbelievable (Sorry if I left anyone out). In other hospitals I have always felt I was a bother to my nurses. Not these ladies! They were unfailingly kind, gentle, and informative. Never was I treated like I was “stupid” when asking a question. My CNA’s were fantastic also! I’ve never seen such hard workers, especially Jean and Jane! Finally, I want to commend Jessica for all of her professionalism and kindness. She told my husband,”There are no dumb questions.” She treated us wonderfully.There are no words to describe Dr. Boyce. Whomever hired him, did Knoxville and the surrounding area a huge service! All in all I had a marvelous experience..

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We are happy to announce that Donette is doing great after undergoing weight loss revision surgery.

In Feb. 2011, I had Gastric Bypass with another practice in Memphis, Tennessee and had complications almost immediately! The six months after my first surgery were a NIGHTMARE!

I was very sick, only being able to drink protein shakes and 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes (if they weren’t thick) a day. I was losing weight, but it was definitely the hard way. Vomiting 16 to 18 hrs at a time 3 to 4 times a week = NO FUN! I made several visits to the emergency room for IV fluids because I would become dehydrated. I would be feeling so bad after hours of vomiting only to hear statements like “You must have eaten something wrong and that is why I you’re sick.” I was referred to a gastroenterologist and was having weekly EGD and dilations for almost three months. My reports consistently showed strictures and then ulcers.

In June, I contacted the office of Dr. Boyce to see if what I was experiencing was “normal” after bypass surgery, only to be told no there was nothing “normal” about it. I sent my medical records to Dr.
Boyce for his review and he quickly contacted me back to let me know that my only option for getting better was to have the strictures surgically corrected. At that time we sent off for a approval from my insurance company, and much to my surprise it only took two short days to get the approval from them. The office staff quickly notified me of the approval and got me on the surgery schedule at the next available opening. The office staff was also very accommodating in scheduling my pre op appt and surgery just a couple days apart so I wouldn’t have to make multiple trips. When the time came I traveled to Knoxville to finally meet Dr. Boyce and his wonderful staff. Once I was in Knoxville I endured yet another “episode” of throwing up for hours and contacted the office’s after hours nurse line and they quickly did all they could to help me. After multiple hours of vomiting I finally passed out from exhaustion. The next morning the staff was quick to contact me to see how I was doing and set up a time for me to come into the office for IV fluids and saved me a long, expensive visit to the E.R. The weekend before my procedure wasn’t totally miserable for me. I left their office that afternoon feeling so much better in just a few short hours!

On Monday Aug. 15th I showed up at the hospital to get the revision I had anticipated for some time. By Tuesday morning I felt wonderful, of course a little sore from surgery. But that was to be expected. Dr.
Boyce explained everything he had done in the procedure and was very encouraging that things were going to start getting better. I immediately realized I had made the best decision ever. The office staff, the hospital staff…everyone was OUTSTANDING! I had never received such service before, the quality of care this office gives their patients in beyond belief! Dr. Boyce has everything you need to succeed readily available for you. I was thrilled to find out they even had a website that I could order my protein supplements and vitamins from to have the products shipped right to me since I am not in the area.

I was truly to the point of wondering, “What had I done?” My quality of life, I truly felt, was over. I never dreamed I would ever be the same again. I am so so THANKFUL for Dr. Boyce. He is an angel in disguise! I am now only two weeks post op from my revision, and can honestly say I feel like I did before my bypass in Feb. Words could never explain the gratitude I have for this doctor and his staff. I would highly recommend anyone to him!

Thanks again for everything…I truly feel AMAZING!*

Donette H.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Knoxville

I wanted to give you two a quick update. I have faithfully followed the Jeff Galloway training schedule and feel very confident that I will finish the half marathon in San Diego two months from today well under the 4 hour time limit. I cannot get my dad to believe that it works so well, but I absolutely love it. I am already thinking about doing the Haunted Half in Kingsport at the end of October. I know some ladies that did it last year and said it was a lot of fun.

This past Sunday I did the Covenant Health 5K. I begged my sister to do it with me. We walked the entire thing until we got onto the grass in Neyland Stadium – then it was a mad dash to the finish line. I was never out of breath and don’t think I broke a sweat, because she has not trained for anything and I did not want to leave her. We finished in 52:25, and I have full confidence I would have finished faster, but I begged her into doing it and I kept telling her, “We can make it. We got this.”

I weigh on Mondays, since that was when I started my pre-surgery diet and also had my surgery. This past Monday I weighed 170.4 on my home scale, down from 262.6 on my home scale before the pre-surgery diet. I feel absolutely fantastic. No more blood pressure meds. I feel like I’m walking on air a lot of the time since that is just over 102 pounds gone.

I look forward to seeing you guys the end of May to talk more about maintaining, which I know from experience is the hardest thing. I know I cannot lose the additional 20 pounds I want to get off by then, but I feel really good about the possibility of it coming off, though. I have not been this small since I was in college in the late 80s!

I just wanted to update you, because I knew you guys would celebrate my successes with me. Oh, and by the time you two see me I will be DR! I get my Doctorate in Educational Leadership on May 7, and the hooding ceremony is coming up on April 16. I certainly have plenty to celebrate!

K. W.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Experience Knoxville

A praise to Dr. Boyces’ office, Rebecca & Krystal.
My surgery was back in August 2008 and soon after hitting phase 4 my weight loss stopped (okay – stopped and dive bombed) and then I went down that road of gaining weight back. While I only gained 30 – 40 lbs I have been struggling to lose (would go down a few lbs then back up…) and fell back into those old lose weight patterns which have never been successful. Of course I would beat myself up and chow down sympathy foods for I felt I had become one of those “GBP failures”.

Well last week I crawled back to Dr Boyce’s office (with my tail between my legs) to face the music. Believe me a visit to the dentist for root canal would have been less painful – or so I thought. Anyway I was shocked for there was no lecture, look of disappointment (you know the kind your parents would give you), etc. They all were so kind (and while I bawled like a baby from not having those lectures, etc) they helped me get back on track. I was walking on cloud 9 when I left for I was so happy.

Because of that visit I realized that I’m not failure – maybe a little derailed – but not a failure. I’ve been put back on track. Now I have come to the conclusion that it is much easier to go from phase 1 to 4 than “naughty” back to phase 4 for old habits are so hard to break – but it can be done. So if anyone feels they have slipped or dive bombed like I did don’t be afraid to go to them for help. They are super.

Bariatric Surgery Patient Knoxville, TN

I had Bariatric Surgery on Feb. 8 at Parkwest Medical Center. I had the most wonderful care from the moment I entered until I was discharged. I would like to thank Dr. Boyce, his entire office staff, and the Bariatric Wing staff for such excellent care. I was really impressed with the Bariatric Surgery program from the original seminar I attended to the instructions I have been given to follow during my recovery as well as long term instructions. Jessica came to see me each day in the hospital and helped explain things that were happening and were going to happen after discharge to things I would need to do at home. Jim would come in to make sure every thing was going okay. My nurses were Jean, Therese, Anna and Sarah. They did an excellent job taking care of me. Hopefully, I go their names right. I want to also thank my cardiologist, Dr. Arnett as well as his associate, Dr. Marietta, and physician assistant, Keri Fisher, for the care they provided as well. Having surgery is kind of a scary thing, but having such competent doctors and nurses eased the fear and helped to make recovery a little easier. The entire program is helping me to have a new start on life and if I would recommend this program to any considering weight loss surgery.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“I was always heavy … like everybody in my family. In my late teens, I was 252 pounds and wearing a size 24, I was too embarrassed to go out. So I watched TV and ate Reece Cups. But I didn’t want to be the way I was.

I heard about gastric bypass surgery from a news story on TV. I found Dr. Boyce and went to the seminar at Parkwest Medical Center. There was lots of information that night. I knew this was my ticket out.

I had surgery in August 2005 and lost almost 120 pounds within a year. The mall, foreign territory for me, became my hangout. I bought clothes in every size as I lost and gave them away without a regret. It’s fun to fit in smaller sizes – affordable and fashionable!


Where I had only known one way of existing, I gained confidence and suddenly my world opened up. I have a great job and I’m working on my law degree. I drive a sports car like the young, pretty girls I used to envy. And I have no sagging skin – none.”

Christy Macklin had gastric bypass surgery in August, 2005 at Parkwest Medical Center, a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, and member of Covenant Health.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“I had surgery on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 so today is nine months to the day since my RNY. I am down 139 lbs as of this morning going from 318 the day of surgery to 179. I can’t even begin to tell you how remarkable my journey has been. I praise the professional advice of Dr. Boyce’s practice each and every day and am eternally thankful for being given a second chance of life. I still have around 39 lbs to get to my goal and I’m gonna do my best to get there before my one year follow up in September. You’re gonna be so proud of me!”

– Leslie Click here to see my photos

Lap-Band Surgery Patient Knoxville, TN

img_0756I have been overweight most of my adult life. I made poor decisions when it came to eating; and frankly, genetics weren’t very kind to me either. All of that led to my highest weight of 371lbs. I was a BIG boy.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and type II diabetes. Combined with chronic joint pain, hypertension, and overwhelming fatigue; my future did not look bright. However, I have two beautiful daughters and an amazing wife that deserved more from their dad and husband. It was time for me to take drastic steps to improve my quality of life.

After a great deal of research and consultation with Dr. Boyce and his staff, I decided that lap-band surgery was the right procedure for me. It provided the level of results and personal control that best suited me. I had surgery in March of 2006. It was a life changing procedure for me; a new birthday of sorts. Prior to surgery I attended the education and nutrition classes as well as the psychological evaluation. After surgery all of the pieces came together; and by following the plan to the letter for a very long time, I was able to loose 130 lbs. In the first year after surgery I had several lap-band adjustments. They were painless and easy and certainly aided in my success. Now I am several years out from my surgery. I have had zero complications as a result of the surgery. I still struggle with food. I imagine I always will. Thankfully I now have a tool and a bariatric staff that help me maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Many times over the past years people have asked me if I would have the surgery again. I always respond that I would do it again in a heartbeat. My quality of life has increased many times over. However, the opportunity to be there for my family over the long haul is the real incentive. Thank you Dr. Boyce and staff, together we may have saved a life…my own.

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Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“Many thanks to Dr. Boyce and staff for providing a solution to obtaining quality of life!

My name is Sarah Brown and I have had a weight problem all of my life, i.e., a 100 pound first grader and still growing. I have tried many weight loss programs, diets and even hypnosis only to regain the lost weight and more. I topped out at 438 pounds and began to feel the effect of the weight. I experienced shortness of breath, very slow moving around, and walking into a store and shopping was too much work. When the grandchildren would come to visit, I would sit on the porch and watch them play because I was so burdened down with my weight to join them.

Dr. Boyce understood my problem, explained the procedure to me and the success I could expect with self discipline. My insurance required me to follow a supervised diet for six months; finally the surgery was approved and performed May 13, 2008.

One year later, I am 236 pounds lighter! I am a new person. My quality of life has soared. I no longer sit on the porch watching the grandchildren; I am out there playing with them or going for a walk. I pushed a stroller with a 35 pound, 3 year old for 3 miles and back, wow I could not do that before! I am helping with more of the tasks at home, church and work because of my high energy level. I revel in the smiles and compliments on my appearance.

I am very grateful to the Oak Ridge & Roane County Support Groups for supporting me. I find attending two support groups a month, keeping my daily food journal and exercise calendar helps me to be more accountable and successful!

I carry my before photos with me always, I share them with people who seem interested and I am forever praising Dr. Boyce and his staff for the gift of a better life!”

– Sarah

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Baby Tomb is here – Brooks Mason Tomb arrived May 18, 2009 at 7:27 am – 9 lb 9 oz – a big boy!

Brooks Tomb and Bill Tomb

Honestly, before my new birth date of August 11, 2008 I was not sure I would be alive to see him.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Boyce, Krystal, Kelly and the entire Team – you have helped me reach one of my most important goals – being here to hold my first grandson in my arms and looking forward to actually playing, fishing, and hiking with him!

022The Yahoo group has been wonderful, too! Thank you!

I can promise all of you who are just starting out…follow the plan, do what you’re supposed to do, and I predict you, too, will reach all of your important goals – not that of just losing weight, but getting your quality of life back, too.

My best to all,

Bill Tomb – Click here to see my results

Weight Loss Surgery Revision Patient Knoxville, TN

Dr. Boyce and Staff –

I wanted to leave a quick note to let you know how I am doing. I cannot believe 6 months has passed since I had my gastric band removed and was converted to a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. I am down 30 pounds and I feel great! I am so glad I made the decision to have my band removed and have the gastric bypass. Dr. Boyce was right when he said my quality of life would be much better! After nine years of life with the band and struggling to keep food down, I can eat normally again…even chicken and steak! I just wanted to let everyone know how well I am doing and to say “Thank You!!”


Denise Edmonds

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“A unique perception based on the reactions of a new reality!

In the summer of 2004, I weighed over 475 pounds. I had multiple health problems that included severe high blood pressure, sleep apnea, the beginnings of arthritis, and chronic gout. My BMI had skyrocketed to over 60. I was withdrawn and depressed. I relied on food for comfort. It was a time in my life that was dominated by shame, regret, and seclusion. My family physician warned me that as a borderline diabetic, with extremely high blood pressure, I was a ticking time bomb. I was classified as super-morbidly obese. He said that without extreme weight loss I would be lucky to see the age of 50. That’s when I realized drastic action needed to be taken. I’ve often wondered what made me come to the logical conclusion that I had to do something about my weight. Fortunately for me, that decision came in the form of an act of desperation that saved my life. Sometimes a person needs to fail in order to realize that there are some things you cannot do alone. Help arrived in the form of Dr. Stephen Boyce and the excellent staff at the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. I went to three or four other practices that specialize in weight-loss surgery and didn’t feel completely confident about any of them. Then I went to Dr. Boyce’s free seminar and heard the testimonies of many people who went through the same tedious search I did in order to find the “best” surgeon. I knew then, just as I know now, that the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery was the best choice I ever made. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery is the reason I have enjoyed the success I celebrate today! I have seen my waist go from a ballooning size 64 down to a respectable size 36. My life has been saved and drastically changed. Now five years later, I find myself exercising regularly, eating sensibly and enjoying life. Oh yeah, I have kept off over 250 pounds for five years! I could not have done it without the support and guidance from the friendly and energetic staff at the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. I want to end by saying this… Gastric Bypass surgery is not a “quick fix” or a “cure” for obesity. It is simply a tool that if properly implemented, can change your mentality from a lethargic “I can’t” attitude to an energetic “I can” lifestyle…and that’s only one of the many lessons I learned from Dr. Boyce and his staff.”

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“I went from a size 28 to a size 8 in ten months. I have the energy to keep up with two kids and to be a sexy, single mom. None of this would have happened without gastric bypass surgery.

I was married for 20 years to a man who wouldn’t let me have the surgery. Soon after the divorce, I went to the seminar and started pre-surgery testing. I was assured by their statistics – the risk of complications is actually very low. And I had no problems whatsoever. The staff at Dr. Boyce’s office was great.

I wanted to be happy and healthy … because my kids need me. I have so much more energy now, there’s nothing I can’t do. I’m at the ball field three nights a week … church on Wednesdays … down in the floor playing with the kids. It’s great.cindy_adams_06

I wanted to be free of all those hateful thoughts about myself and all that depression. Losing 140 pounds, I’ve lost a whole person … and gained a new life for myself. It’s all because of the Covenant Weight Management Center – go there, people!”

Cindy Adams had gastric bypass surgery in October, 2005.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient, Knoxville TN

“The weight loss surgery has changed, and probably saved my life. The rewards of this program far outweigh any other available today.”

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LapBand Patient, Knoxville TN

“It was Dr. Boyce and his staff who heard what I was saying, understood what I needed, directed me, and gave solutions for a healthy weight loss victory!

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Patient Knoxville, TN

“I gained 50 pounds in college, kept gaining, then had a baby and never lost my pregnancy weight. I’m 5’2″ and, at my worst, weighed 235 pounds. I was so depressed, so tired. I didn’t have the energy to play with my daughter and it was hard to get around. So I just stayed home.

I went to several seminars around the state and did a lot of research. A friend had gastric bypass elsewhere and went to Dr. Boyce’s seminar with me. I wasn’t pressured at all and my questions were answered. They were honest and straight-forward. It wouldn’t be easy, they said. I had to want it bad. I did.

I had gastric bypass surgery in May of 2005 and now weigh 110 pounds. I have a new baby, and only gained 20 pounds in pregnancy. I’ve already lost 15 pounds of that. The surgery has completely changed my life and the way I feel about eating.

Now I go everywhere and do everything and don’t have to stop and rest. We just GO! I’m free of that depression and hatred of myself.”

Jenny Hunt had gastric bypass surgery in May, 2005 at Parkwest Medical Center, a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

Gastric Bypass Patient, Knoxville TN

“I was on the road to destruction due to my weight. Since having gastric bypass, I can do more than I ever thought possible. Exercise is a top priority because I am a truck driver so I’m unable to be as active as I need to be. Adding ankle weights, dumbbells, and walking at stops are ways that I increase my activity. I am now able to do all of these things because of having surgery. Now I am on the road to wellness.”

– Jay T

Weight Loss Surgery Patient, Tennessee

“The key to long-term success is taking advantage of the comprehensive program. Dr. Boyce offers it all!”

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient, Tennessee

“With the caring expertise of Dr. Boyce and his staff, I now have the will to love life and myself-something I have not had for 50 years”

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Weight Loss Surgery Patient, East Tennessee

“I just had my one year check-up. I’ve lost 165.5lbs in one year. That blew me away. I went from 401lbs to 235.5lbs in one year. Totally amazing. I sat down last night and started thinking back over the last year…all the firsts, the WOW’s, the tears, and the empowerment’s. It’s been a really long year yet it seems to have gone so fast.

I only set one goal. I didn’t want to set goals; just stepping stones to the next one. I wanted just one thing…to ride go-carts without a seat belt extender. A little over a year ago I rode go-carts with my kids but I had to wait for the attendant to come with a seatbelt extender. It was embarrassing. Last weekend, with tears in my eyes, I rode those same go-carts, with no seat belt extender. I buckled up and was ready to go. I was so proud of myself. No one else there had any clue of what I was feeling. I was overcome with so many emotions. Where would I be today if I didn’t have the surgery? I know where and that frightens me because it’s easy to get back there again.

Recently, I had to “reset” my pouch. I just felt that I was eating too much because I wasn’t losing weight like I thought I should. I lost 10lbs in less than 2 weeks. This reminds me that the surgery is just a tool. I can easily mess this up by not being conscious about what I eat. Today, I wanted to celebrate my weight loss and the first thing I wanted was a DONUT!! I took a step back and realized the celebrating doesn’t have to include food. So my celebration was 2 flights of stairs instead of the elevator because I can do that now.

I set a new goal with my doctor yesterday. I want to weigh 199 by my next appointment in 6 months. He said that was a goal I’ll achieve well before 6 months. But to be below 200 sounds wonderful! I don’t remember ever being that light. Wish me luck!


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