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Always running late?

Are you notorious for running late??    Why have we become a society that tries to make the most of every minute, keeping us in a rush in everything we do?   We drive over the speed limit and get upset with the person in front of us who is following the law.  We run in the grocery store and quickly grab items from the shelf without putting much thought in what we are eating, rather, based on how quickly we can prepare the meal to get on with the next “to do” on our never ending list.  Most of us have DVR players on our television so we can speed through commercials and still be able to watch our favorite shows.  And my favorite is smart phones, which allows us to multi-task.  HA!   While we are shopping, watching tv, cooking and cleaning, we have this handy gadget checking the weather, gathering news, and seeing what our friends and family have been doing.

This behavior is not healthy, yet we are all guilty.  If we could realize that there are only so many hours in the day and schedule ourselves accordingly, we would probably be happier and healthier people.   We don’t realize that our decisions also affect others.  When we schedule our appointments too close together we don’t allow for unforeseen problems, such as traffic jams, car problems or even something as simple as having to park further away from your destination and needing extra time to walk.  If we are late to our appointment we set ourselves up to be late the rest of the day causing added stress to our already stressful days.  The person who is scheduled behind you, even though they were on time, is now delayed causing them added stress also.   As we embark on the holiday season and are running from place to place, let’s take TIME to reflect on  slowing down to enjoy the life that is quickly passing us by.  Who knows, we may even  become healthier, happier people.

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