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BariBucks Rewards Program

Bariatric vitamins are necessary for maintaining health (and life!) after weight loss surgery. Dr. Boyce created Barilife vitamins primarily for patient convenience. The thought was, if the regimen is easy to take and easy to purchase, the patient will be more compliant with their vitamin regimen. More compliance means fewer deficiencies. Fewer deficiencies mean healthier and happier patients.

With convenience in mind, I often remind my patients that ordering vitamins online can save time, and now can save money (two things we all could use more of!). If you order vitamins or other products from Barilife.com, you can take advantage or the new loyalty rewards program. Similar to Walgreens Balance Rewards, you earn points for every dollar spent and can apply those points to future purchases. You can also earn points for other things as well! Here’s the breakdown:

Earn 25 points:
• Create an account
• Have a birthday (if you are reading this, it’s an easy 25 points!)

Earn 10 points:
• Follow Barilife on Twitter
• Sign up for the monthly newsletter

Earn 5 points:
• Write a product review
• Share a product on Facebook
• Tweet a product page
• Pin a product via Pinterest

Earn 1 point:
• For every $1 spent
• “Like” a product page
• +1 a page with Google+

Plus! If you subscribe to emails from barilife.com, you will get offers for special promotions to earn extra points!

Another advantage to ordering online is free shipping for orders over $100. Even if you live in town, this should be in the “advantage” category for you considering the time it saves you to park and walk up to the office! Plus, most shipments arrive the next day. Most patients enjoy this feature because they don’t remember to order vitamins until they are completely out!

Here’s the “fine print” posted on Barilife.com regarding Baribucks: Be sure to make use of your BariBucks because they will expire after one year. When you are trying to earn points by using social media (“liking” & “sharing” our products via facebook, tweeting about one of our products on twitter, +1 a page with google+, pinning our products on Pinterest) you must be logged into your Bari Life account and you must use the social media icons found on www.barilife.com. These icons are located on the top of each product page. We can’t celebrate your birthday with you unless we know when it is. Enter your date of birth in your account so we can reward you on your special day! All returns result in the forfeiture of the points associated with the returned item.

Krystal Cameron, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian

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