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Exercise after Weight Loss Surgery

If you are just getting started with your journey after weight loss surgery, follow the recommendations that you have been given.

Early on in the journey motivation is high, compliance is great and weight loss is at its peak. Later on, as weight loss slows (naturally), daily routine takes priority, old habits can gradually creep back in at times and exercise may even dwindle somewhat. If this seems to be happening with you, think back to what motivated you to have surgery and write down the goals that you had at that time. See how many of them you have accomplished and see which ones are yet to be realized. Maybe even set new goals.

Your number one goal was probably to get healthy. The second one was probably to lose weight, or maybe it was a combination of the two; to get healthier and lose weight. If your goal was to get healthy, realize that the only way to get healthy is to eat healthy foods most of the time (a great majority of the time) and to exercise regularly, get quality sleep, manage stress, and do things that make you happy. Make sure that you set yourself up to be successful at eating the right amount of foods and the right types of foods that have been recommended to you. In addition, make sure that you are making time to exercise five or more days per week.

Sometimes things happen that interfere with your routine, but do not let this interference become a long term hindrance to exercise. You have to figure out for yourself how you can make your circumstances allow for regular exercise and healthy eating. Use an exercise record sheet to stay on track and a food journal for your diet as needed. For example, if your work schedule changes and you have to work overtime and this is cutting into your exercise time, don’t quit, modify your exercise routine and do what you can as often as you can until your schedule permits returning to your old routine. Remember 10 minutes of vigorous exercise is better than none and you can always divide your total exercise time between two different sessions throughout the day. For example, if your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes each day, but there are several days where you do not have 30 minutes at once to exercise, complete two 15-minute sessions with appropriate intensity and you will have 30 minutes of exercise for the day. When you are sick you need to rest, but during that time continue to use your record sheet and document that you are sick. Return to more exercise as tolerated.

Make it happen. Be healthy. Be fit.

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