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Meeting Expectations


What happens when someone who works in the medical field suddenly becomes a patient? I found myself in this situation this year. I can now say I know what it is like to be on the other side of the reception window and have my care and time affected by others. New Life Bariatric / Premier Surgical Associates have always stressed the importance of being early for your appointments at our office because there is paperwork that must be completed every time. Apparently, we are not the only office with this policy as I found myself having to fill out some kind of questionnaire each time I had an appointment, even if I was there the week prior. On two occasions I found myself having to wait because the person(s) scheduled before me either came in late or did not allow enough time to complete their paperwork which caused the remaining patients and physician to wait on them. Unfortunately, I was also witness to a person who was embarrassed in front of a waiting room full of patients because they were late to their appointment and was informed they could no longer be seen that day and asked to reschedule. I can understand both sides of the situation, we have had to wait on patients at our office and I was delayed for my own appointments because of someone else who did not plan adequately.

With saying this, we hope you can understand why we try to keep our patients and staff on time in our office because we wish to exceed your expectations and help all your appointments be pleasant ones. I will say our patients are the best at being considerate of others and we appreciate you!

Donna Hicks, Bariatric Patient Coordinator

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