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Obalon® Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Our experienced weight loss surgeon, Dr. Stephen Boyce provides a wide range of innovative treatment options at the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. Though bariatric surgery is an effective and transformative option for many of our patients, state-of-the-art non-surgical weight loss treatments are also quickly gaining popularity. The Obalon® 3-Balloon System is the newest of such treatments, and is the first swallowable gastric balloon that is FDA-approved.

Advantages of Obalon®

With the Obalon® 3-Balloon System, individuals can lose weight quickly and without surgery. Patients swallow a silicone balloon that is later filled with medical gas to reduce appetite. Over the course of the next two months, two additional balloons will be added to further minimize feelings of hunger. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the Obalon® Balloon can give patients an extra boost toward attaining their ideal weight when diet and exercise alone have proven insufficient.

The Obalon® Procedure

Candidates for the Obalon® 3-Balloon System are between the ages of 22-60, have a BMI of 30-40, and have not undergone weight loss surgery. The Obalon® Balloon procedure is completed in three stages. A thin tube is attached to each balloon, and after the first balloon is swallowed, it is filled with a medical gas. This process takes approximately 20 minutes and requires no sedation. Two additional appointments are scheduled for the placement of the next two balloons, spaced about one month apart from one another.

While the balloons are in place, patients are able to become “full” more quickly and feelings of hunger diminish, resulting in a lower intake of calories. Consequently, patients can lose weight during this time. Positive lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise can amplify these results.

After six months, all three balloons are removed endoscopically. Only light sedation is needed for removal of the balloons. Our staff at the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery then continues to support our patients by offering comprehensive information for how to maintain their results and keep the weight off.


For more information about the Obalon® 3-Balloon System, or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, please contact the New Life Center today.

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