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Appointment Etiquette

Have you ever stopped to think of all that is involved with just a simple doctor’s appointment? Have you ever considered that how you manage your own appointments impacts the office staff and especially the other patients? Well, this may come as a surprise to some, but it absolutely does! Here at New Life we strive to achieve the ultimate patient satisfaction and with your help we can reach our goal. We are proud to say that we have a very large patient population which requires us to see a great number of patients per day. It is very important that appointments run as smoothly as possible so that each patient receives the quality care that they deserve. With that being said, we would like to give some tips on appointment etiquette to ensure a happy and harmonious New Life family.

We realize that entering into the process to pursue Bariatric surgery is exciting. After attending our informational seminar most patients are “fired-up” and ready to get the ball rolling. While we are thrilled that patients are so enthusiastic to get in for their consultation, a common mishap is for patients to absent-mindedly schedule appointments without considering their work-schedules, child care, travel time, etc. As a result, patients no-show or cancel appointments last minute. We strongly encourage that if you know you will be unable to make your appointment to call and inform the staff at your earliest convenience as it will give another patient the opportunity to come in at that time. Fortunately, we do have a cancellation list in place to offer patients the chance to come in for earlier appointments, but it cannot be used to its fullest potential if we are not notified of cancellations in a timely manner.

We all know that there is the chance of “the unknown” just around every corner. We encourage patients to always allow time for situations such as traffic and bad weather when traveling to your appointment. Please ensure that you know directions to our office, also. There are several locations that we reference to patients for seminars, support group meetings, office visits, etc. and it can be confusing to patients when scheduling appointments. Even if you are confident of our location it never hurts to ask and the staff is more than willing to direct you. While your consultation is a very exciting visit, most patients tend to be nervous about stepping into this life altering process and we certainly would like to prevent the added stress of being lost! Keep in mind that the flow of your own appointment affects that of the other patients’ as well. If for any reason you should be late to your appointment please notify the office staff. If you are expected to be more than a few minutes late you may be asked to reschedule your appointment or wait while another patient is seen.

Preparation is key when it comes to having a productive visit. We try our best to supply you with all of the necessary paperwork prior to your visit to cut down on your wait time in the reception area. At our informational seminar we supply patients with a packet to complete which includes basic patient information, such as your address and phone number, consent forms, and medical history. This packet is very lengthy and takes an average of thirty minutes or more to fill out. Patients that are already established with our practice will be asked to update their basic patient information annually. We attempt to mail this paperwork in advance so that patients do not have to take time out of their visit to fill it out. Please have all of this paperwork completed when you arrive at our office to prevent yourself and other patients from having to wait for an extended period of time. To any post op patients, there will be some form of follow up paperwork for you to fill out at almost every visit to aid the clinical staff in your visit. Please arrive for your appointment ten minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork. Some other pieces of vital information are your insurance card and drivers’ license. It is very important that we have correct insurance information on file at all times. Failure to notify staff of insurance changes may result in patients being financially responsible for services. Also, be attentive to any instructions given to you for your appointment. On some occasions you may be asked to come fasting. If no instructions are specified to you in your paperwork or by a staff member please ask for confirmation.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation and assistance of all of our patients. If we will all be considerate of each other and how our own actions affect those around us we can be successful in creating a relaxed and satisfying environment.


“We are willing to commit, if you are!”


Thank you from front desk ladies at New Life

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