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BLIS Weight Loss Surgery Insurance for the Cash Pay Patient

BLIS_Registered TrademarkI am proud to announce that I have become a BLIS surgeon.  BLIS is an insurance product for the cash pay patient. BLIS covers patients against the cost of complications related to surgery.  I am committed to helping patients reach their weight loss surgery goals, but too often the fear of costly complications has prevented patients from pursuing weight loss surgery.  Complications, however rare in my practice, can result in additional expense for the self pay patient that could be financially ruinous.  I feel it is important to get some level of financial protection and therefore, I am proud to announce that I am the only surgeon in East Tennessee able to provide you with a safety net of protection from the financial effects of such surgical complications after weight loss surgery!

Only surgeons that meet selective BLIS criteria (lowest complication rates) are chosen to be insured by BLIS.  This insurance policy allows me to offer my cash pay patients this important financial protection.  I am dedicated to preventing my patients from having financial responsibility for complication related evaluation and treatment.  The best part is that this insurance is included in my already low cash pay package price that I have negotiated on my patients behalf with the hospitals and anesthesia!

You can think of BLIS insurance like the warranty on a new car.  The cost of repairs (complication related medical evaluation and treatment) is included in my self pay price.  Like any warranty, the policy states that you will need to be sure to return and let me help you in the event of a complication in order for the coverage to be in effect.
I am very excited that my patients now can rest assured that the financial threat of surgical complications has been taken care of when I perform their surgery.

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