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Candies, Cookies, Cakes, Oh My!

By Kelley Narramore, LPNChristmasCookies

Seems like Christmas is here and everyone says, “Tis the season for this or tis the season for that…,”  but, one thing most people agree on is: Tis the season to gain weight if you aren’t careful. I must admit I was nervous about Thanksgiving because of all the food and the gatherings. After I came through that Holiday with no problems, I am honestly looking forward to Christmas with my family.

It has been a long standing tradition in our house to make ginger bread houses and homemade sugar cookies with my kids. There is a lot “sampling” that goes on with these events but I feel confident that I can carry on these traditions with my kids without tasting everything that’s made or even eating it once it’s complete. It is actually quite liberating to know that food doesn’t have the same hold over me that it had this time last year. I am looking as forward to Christmas as I always have. This is my favorite time of the year and I will not let my choices (having surgery) deprive my family from doing the things we have always done in the past.

I hope that you are looking forward to Christmas as well. If all of the candy and cookies are too much for you to handle -then get rid off them. Take the temptation away. There are lots of great charities that would gladly take anything you can’t use. I have taken trays to an assisted living facility on New Year’s Day just to get it all out of the house and they were so appreciative of my donation. I felt like they were doing me a favor by taking them and they thought it was very nice and kept thanking me. It is a win, win for everyone! So, good luck to you as you go into this Holiday season. Be strong and vigilant and know that January will be here before we blink. Till next time!

Kelley Narramore from Kelley’s Korner

Kelley Narramore is a LPN with New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. She recently underwent weight loss surgery.  This is her personal journey. 

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