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I made it!

By Kelley Narramore, LPN

This is my first blog since my surgery, so it may be a little lengthy. Sorry, but it’s been a long and very busy week. My surgery was scheduled at 2pm on Monday theKelley Narramore thirteenth. I arrived and was quickly escorted back to a small pre op holding area.  All of the staff were very friendly and informative. I signed the surgery consent and just like clock work my time was here! Going into surgery some patient’s often worry about anesthesia and waking up my only concern was “I hope this works!” I don’t remember a lot after that. I arrived on the fourth floor which I must say is like staying in a very nice hotel room. They have an in room refrigerator, TV, couch for family member to sleep on, I mean, what more could you want?

The night after surgery was kind of tough. I had some nausea and the normal post-op pain. I had the best nurse ever and my husband, of course. With their help we made it through until Dr. Boyce made rounds the next morning. He made changes to my nausea and pain meds and it was like a miracle. Within an hour I was so much better! I took a shower, got dressed and I was able to drink for the first time really since I came up from surgery!

I worked on walking and began getting my fluids in and was discharged on Wednesday. I felt great when I came home. I only took Tylenol for pain and there was no nausea to speak of until post op day #3 and it returned with a vengeance.

I have a whole new outlook on getting fluids in while you are sick or nauseated. Sometimes your body just says, “No!”. There have been a few times in the past few days that I thought if I took one sip of anything I would lose everything I had taken in for the last hour or two. At some point you have to listen to your body and common sense. I stopped before I got to the vomiting point. Did I get all of my liquids in? Maybe? Did I get all of protein in for the day? Not even close, but I believe you have to use some judgement here. Just my opinion!

Moving forward to post op days five and six, thanks to a new nausea med (the  Dr. Boyce gave me in the hospital) the nausea is gone and I feel better every day. I had to get out of the house yesterday, so we went for a drive and walked around for a little while. I was exhausted afterwards.

I was able to get 65 ounces of fluid in, 40 grams of protein and 19 carbs! I have a lot to work on but everyday I’m getting better. Today, I am working on getting more carbs in because I am going back to work tomorrow. This is a work in progress. I am learning and seeing things from a new perspective. I hope this makes me a better person and a better nurse!
Til next time!
Kelley Narramore from Kelley’s Korner

Kelley Narramore is a LPN with New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. She recently underwent weight loss surgery.  This is her personal journey. 







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