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Improvements to Patient Follow Up Care

Hello again from the front desk staff!

As always, we are creating new ways to improve patient care here at New Life. To all of you patients who have upcoming follow up appointments, you will be receiving a letter in the mail requesting that you to come in two weeks prior to your appointment for lab work. The goal of this is to have all of the results of your blood work when you come in for your appointment so that they can be reviewed with you while you are in the office. We have found that discussing any lab abnormalities in person, as opposed to receiving letters or phone calls, makes instructions for treatment much easier to comprehend.

We understand that there are circumstances that prevent some patients from coming in for labs prior to their appointment, such as long distance driving. Not to worry, though, you can do your labs near your home and bring the results or as a last resort, we can still do this blood work on the day of your appointment while you are in the office and follow up with you by phone or mail.

Please note, also, that when blood is drawn in our office it is billed through Quest Diagnostics and not Premier Surgical. Anytime labs are done at our office it is NOT included in any pre-paid fees and will be a separate cost. Your insurance will be billed for the services and if you are responsible for any co-pays or deductibles you will receive a bill in the mail informing you of your balance. If you have any questions about billing or want to make a payment on a bill for Quest Diagnostics, contact information is listed on your statement.

Our goal is to help you achieve yours, and with your help we can all be successful!

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