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Preparing Your Body for Optimal Results After Weight Loss Surgery


After successful weight loss, many of our patients inquire about body contouring and what to expect afterwards. You may read about the different types of procedures performed by our surgeons on this website; however, I’d like to make a specific reference to something you can do to facilitate the healing process after surgery. There are always some variables which affect the rate and ability of our bodies to heal such as age, certain disease processes, condition of the skin related to smoking and sun damage, and personal hygiene. However you can play a significant role in improving your outcome by maintaining a proper, nutritionally sound diet to aid in your healing process relating both to the speed and overall satisfaction of your recovery.

Proteins are essential in wound healing and tissue regeneration. If the body’s cells aren’t properly nourished, they lack the ability to adequately regenerate (recreate lost or damaged tissues). Increasing your consumption of high quality protein in the weeks before and after surgery will help your body do the repair work it needs to do more effectively and quickly. Ensure an adequate intake of lean protein found in lean beef, chicken, fish, seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy and soy products. When time is an issue and you need a quick source of protein, take advantage of the protein supplements available on our website in the forms of shakes, bars and liquid additives in preparing yourself for your surgical recovery.

Another important ingredient to proper healing is water, water, and more water. Making sure your body is well hydrated will make you more comfortable during the time when you can have nothing by mouth in the hours before surgery. Most importantly however, it will help you move the anesthesia and other surgery drugs more quickly out of your body after surgery. Increase your water consumption to 10-12 glasses of water per day in the weeks before surgery, as well as after, to facilitate your healing process. This will also help reduce water retention which can make you feel uncomfortable after surgery. Water helps to keep your skin turgor at its best while your body is adjusting to its new form.

Be proactive in your health and put yourself as a priority in living your “New Life” to the fullest!

Robin Saunders, RN, BSN

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