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Six Months Already?

By Kelley Narramore, LPN

Kelly b4_afterSo, I just had my six month post-op and it blows my mind that it’s already been that long! I mean, it goes by so fast. One minute you are at the hospital having surgery and it seems like before you turn around twice it’s been six months. I am very happy with my weight loss at this point. Of course, we always want more but I try to keep in mind one thing the doctors say, “It’s not a race to the finish line.” I think we live our lives racing so much these days that racing to the finish line of our weight loss goals is just a natural reaction.

I have recently changed positions at New Life, so I haven’t been updating the blog as much. I post on our Facebook page once a week and our Yahoo page so my time for blogging has been minimal. I love when patients come in and tell me how much they enjoy the blog, so I wanted to give an update.

I have so many celebrations that I’m not sure what to share first. like I said, I am very happy with my weight loss so far. I bought my first pair of size 8 shorts the other day. This just blows my mind. I haven’t worn an 8 since I was eighteen maybe? It’s really stressful to go shopping because I’m used to looking for clothes in one section and nothing there fits anymore because it’s too big. A lot of the clothes that fit me I think look too young for me. I never thought I would be so stressed shopping at this size!

Kelley recently achieved a lifetime goal of hiking Mt. LeConte!

Kelley recently achieved a lifetime goal of hiking Mt. LeConte!

My biggest celebration of all is I just recently hiked Mt. LeConte and loved it! It was amazing. My husband and I hiked 12.5 miles in 5.5 hours. I highly encourage you if you are able-bodied to do this hike. The views from on top of LeConte are breathtaking and I am already planning my next hike up. This was a lifetime goal for me so I think the views from the top were even better knowing that I had finally reached my goal.

So, what do you do after you reach your goal? You set new ones. My new goal is to hike all of the trails to Mt.LeConte and who knows what I will do after that?
Finally, my last celebration I’ll share with you is just how great I feel -not just physically, but mentally. I have always let the scales defeat me. I have always been one of those up and down dieters. I would lose a few and gain a few, and every time I would weigh it would be so discouraging. Now, I weigh about 2-3 times a week. Sometimes only once a week and no longer do I feel like the failure that I did for so many years.

I know a lot of you as patients feel this same way because I listen to stories everyday. I am telling you, you are more than numbers on a scale. I am working on staying positive and I hope you can too. Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.

Take care and till next time!
Kelley Narramore from Kelley’s Korner

Kelley is an LPN with New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery in Knoxville. She underwent weight loss surgery in October. This is her personal journey.


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