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Size 12 jeans, what?


Ok, so this week we are just going to start with the success part instead of ending with it. I recently purchased a pair of size 12 jeans thinking I’d get there eventually. But I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, so I decided to try them on just to see how close or how far away they were, and guess what? They fit! I literally about cried. I cannot tell you when I wore a size 12 jeans last. I’m pretty sure it’s been ten years or more. To some this may seem like a small victory, but this was like climbing Mount Everest to me. My weight is the lowest it’s been in at least ten years also. My weight loss has slowed down some, but the dietitian assured me it’s normal and would happen.

I went back to the gym this week and was surprised by how weak I was. I have always been a very strong individual and could lift quite a bit of weight for a woman, but I guess surgery and no work-outs for a while has left me weaker then I expected. I’m not worried though. I will build back up and regain what I have lost. I am focusing on cardio more so than weights right now anyway.

Eating on Phase II is going well. I haven’t really branched out and tried a lot of different things because I feel good on the foods I am eating. At some point I will increase the variety and chose some more options, but for now I am very satisfied with what I am eating.

That is all for this week. I am a little nervous going into Thanksgiving, but I have lots of support so I know I will be fine. I just have to keep busy and stay on track. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
Til next time!
Kelley from Kelley’s Korner

Kelley Narramore is a LPN with New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. She recently underwent weight loss surgery.  This is her personal journey. 


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