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Technology and Appointment Reminders

Are you a proficient smart phone user?  In this growing technical world we live in, it is becoming more common for people to have a “smart” phone, but do we all use it to its fullest capability?   As our office schedules appointments for patients, many no longer want the paper appointment card, but will enter it in their phone calendar.   This is such a great option, because unlike your paper appointment card, your phone can remind you minutes, hours, days or even weeks before your appointment, which can reduce the amount of forgotten and missed appointments.  If you schedule appointments in your phone calendar, remember to set a reminder so you will not miss something important.

Also, scheduling appointments in your phone calendar, and not relying on your paper appointment cards, can give you a good visual of what you have planned for yourself each day. This could eliminate double booked appointments, or seeing that you have allowed yourself adequate time to get from one place to another.

I know that in our practice, like many others, the number of patients increase each and every week.  We are excited to have the amount of new patients we do who have chosen us to help them become happy and healthy.  Although we try to accommodate everyone’s scheduling requests, it sometimes can take several weeks or more to get an appointment, so it is best to get that appointment in your phone calendar.  Also, setting the reminder and keeping an accurate calendar will help you avoid missing an appointment and having to wait a long period of time to get another one.

Our office is also trying to get on board with the “technical highway” and is sending necessary paperwork to patients who have registered in our patient portal (secure email), giving you the ability to complete paperwork prior to your appointment and saving you valuable time on the day of your visit.

Technology is getting better and better and can be a valuable asset if we know how to use it.

Front Desk Staff

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