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The Importance of Paperwork

When you are just embarking on the journey to weight loss surgery, you may wonder what you can do to speed your journey along. One simple way to get things going and to increase the chances of getting your insurance company to approve your surgery as quickly as possible is to focus on the paperwork needed to start the process. 

You may wonder why the paperwork is necessary and even critical to your success.  Here is a little insider information about how your paperwork can make a difference!
As you may already know, the first step in pursuing weight loss surgery through The New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery is to attend our Free Informational Seminar.  At the close of every seminar each patient is given a Bariatric New Patient Packet. This packet is a necessary part of your first consultation with the surgeon.  

Why is it so important ???  Well,

• Having a complete packet will help us avoid delays in starting your appointment.
• Correct information about your current insurance coverage will help us know which insurance plan covers you and what it requires to approve you for surgery.
• Answering the medical questionnaire thoroughly will help the insurance company see that you have made attempts to manage your weight before going on to surgery and that all medical information has been considered.
• Parts of the insurance requirements may already be met and the forms will reflect the work you have already done.
• The medical information will be very helpful in the care you receive from your surgeon. By knowing your medical history as well as any existing health problems you may have, our surgeons can better prepare you for a safe and effective surgery.

The joy of patient paperwork does not end there, however. Even after you have had surgery, we update patient information forms annually. This is essential so that we have updated consent forms giving the staff permission to view your records and to bill your insurance for any services you receive through our office. 

We try to mail this paperwork to you prior to your appointment so that you can fill it out without being rushed and bring to the office completed.  This cuts down on your wait time because once we get the information; we must then transfer it to your file in our computer.  Knowing your correct contact information helps us better serve you as we may need to contact you about the progress of your journey or your medical condition.

We request that all patients, new and existing, arrive ten minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time. Even if we don’t need to update your address or phone, the clinical staff may have written questions for you to complete to facilitate your discussion that day. 

Although all these forms seem redundant, especially to post-op patients, they are an essential part of the data used to track your progress and are very helpful to the clinicians you will see at your follow-up visits. The information you provide to them in this paperwork will direct them in how to advise you to be successful in our program.

So put your thinking caps on, practice that penmanship and welcome to the TEAM!

Thank you from the administrative staff!
Donna Hicks
Stephanie Hamilton
Melissa White

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