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Two Weeks and Counting!

So this week has been all about getting ready and the final preparations before surgery. I went to the lab on Monday and had my pre-op labs drawn. I had an excellent phlebotomist’s who was super nice and friendly. On Wednesday I went and joined Costco, primarily because they sell Premier protein and G2 a lot cheaper than you can purchase them anywhere else. Friday was a full day of working and I had my pre op appointment at 1 pm and then had to go downstairs for pre-admission testing at 3 pm.

My appointment with Sherril was great, if you haven’t met her yet you will love her. She’s a great addition to our team here at NLCBS. The appointment with her takes approximately 30 minutes and it is very informative. My appointment downstairs at pre-admission testing was pretty flawless. The wait time was very short. After you go to registration you go to surgery to speak to one of the nurses there and then on to radiology for a chest X-Ray. Everyone was very friendly and nice. It took a total of about an hour and fifteen minutes and then I was back at work.

So let me tell you about my success for the week. Friday is my official weigh day. I am now down 11.5 lbs. I am so excited about that! That puts me at 12% of my excess fat loss before surgery. That’s pretty exciting I think. I have continued the diet this week. I have found while yes it is hard. It is also worth it. It’s nice to put a shirt on that I couldn’t wear two months ago and it fits now. That makes me stay on the straight and narrow. The thing is, my stomach is satisfied with the pre op diet. It’s 100% in my head that says it wants something different. It’s my head that wants chocolate or cake, or all of those things I am choosing to do without. I tell patient’s everyday surgery can fix your stomach but you have to fix the head part. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is so to speak and slowly day by day I am working on the brain and mental part. This is a work in progress but one I am determined to be successful at.

Til next time,
Kelley Narramore from Kelley’s Korner

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